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Author:        Corelli Arcangelo (1653 - 1713)

Corelli Arcangelo (1653 - 1713) 
  • Archangelo Corelli, an italian composer and violinist, acting particularly in Rome. He fixed the late baroque trio-sonata form in both church and chamber music. In the collection of 12 solo-sonatas called "La Folia", Corelli layed the foundations of modern violin playing and composing manner. As one of the first among famous composers he created couple of pieces in new concerto grosso form (named "12 concerti grossi") in 1682. Strong influence of his composing style can be found in work of F.Couperin, J.S.Bach, G.Tartini and lo lots of others. Corelli is author of multitude operas and sacred music, too.